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Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies

Barleys Homebrewing Supplies has been open for years in New Westminster, and has seen the homebrewing world change and mature. Fearing that his original logo (featuring a male figure wearing a top hat) might not be as welcoming as he’d like, owner Curtis Van Marck¬† asked us to see if could create something a little more fun and inviting.

It isn’t very often that nearly everyone has a bunch of free time on their hands, but 2020 was the exception. With the onset of Covid-19 restrictions, people had time to explore hobbies they’d never had the time for previously. And a lot of those people started to brew beer. Curtis wanted his new identity to appeal to these new brewers primarily, without alienating his core clientelle.

Our solution was to create an approachable character (“Mr. Barley”), and balance their playfulness with clean, direct typography and a warm colour palette. The resulting identity feels lighthearted, fun, and open to everyone (of legal age), just like brewing should be!



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